Monday, 17 February 2014


Yeah, I swore I would never wear them as well.
 (dog = mucky walks)


Shelley said...

Well, they look warm at least. I wouldn't have recognised them as Crocs and they don't look any weirder than the LL Bean boots. If they work, why not?

Stephen Andrew said...

I wade around all day in white plastic fishing boots! Haha chasing doggies will do that to you :)
I love the photo of your dog running into that path! The light is so pretty.

Kath said...

Nice boots!
May I invite you to visit me here

Gam Kau said...

Well, I suppose I am nothing if not practical. We've had a wet and wooly winter so form must follow function.
Stephen, white plastic fishing boots sound pretty cool to me, (I'm thinking Barbarella) I may have to look into this.
Shelley, LLBean boots at least have some hipster connotations; I'm afraid Crocs will never venture towards social acceptability.
Greetings Kath, I've have a wander by, thank you very much.

Yuko Jones said...

Love your boots! But I cannot give up my Bean boots for I live in a winter wonderland that is upstate NY. Your second picture is quite dreamy...

Gam Kau said...

Upstate NY is beautiful all year round, but winter is a real season there. No messing around, Bean boots for the whole family!