Wednesday, 4 June 2014

who's afraid of...

phobias and fears

the insect which shall not be named (phobia level scared, dislike even the word)
arowana fish
arapaima fish
deep water
the dark
enclosed small spaces
aquarium stores
aquariums (as in tourist destination)
greenhouses (as in plant nurseries)
long corridors with many doors
the moment when elevator doors open


Yuko Jones said...

even though I'm not fond of many insects out there, I'm slowly learning to embrace them as part of nature, as I spend a lot of time outdoor with my boys. But I'm afraid of heights and I don't know if I can resolve that issue...

Gam Kau said...

I think being afraid of heights is pretty common Yuko. I want to embrace nature, but I really do have an insect issue, though, the other morning a huge spider fell on my foot and though I screamed, I manage to deal with it. I just wrote down this list because I realised that I am afraid of a lot of things - and a lot them are weird things. :)

Shelley said...

I think deep dark waters have made me pretty nervous ever since I saw the movie Jaws, but as long as I'm reasonably confident the boat won't sink (though one never really knows...) I'm OK. So long as it's not too windy and whatever I'm on is secure I can generally cope with heights (the glass elevator in the Eiffel Tower was a bit challenging). I don't care much for some insects like spiders and crickets, but I don't mind lady bugs or rolly-pollys (they're called wood lice here in Britain which is a less affectionate term, eh?).

I think I fear certain malevolent people and government entities more than the things on your list.

Gam Kau said...

Shelley, I'm the same with heights, so long as I feel secure I'm pretty okay. I can walk to the edge of cliff unless there is a barrier there, I have to feel safe. A glass elevator is fine with me. Funny you call them rolly-pollys, I didn't know anyone else did!