Tuesday, 14 October 2014

temporal landmarks

These are the temporal landmarks I 
acknowledge throughout the year.
Mostly I wake up on the day and say,
"oh, today is X holiday!"
Sometimes food is involved, but rarely gifts.

spring and autumn equinox
summer and winter solstice
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Day
Chinese New Year
Presidents Day
Pancake Day
Ides of March
St. Patrick's Day
Good Friday/Easter (secular)
May Day
Memorial Day
Midsummer (solstice)
4th of July
Labor Day
Mid-Autumn Festival
Columbus Day
Veterans Day/Remembrance Day
Bonfire Night
American Thanksgiving
Christmas (secular)
Boxing Day
New Year's Eve
(I like Lent and Ramadan/Eid too, in a secular/deprivation kind of way)
(Thinking of adding Michaelmas Day simply because I like Michaelmas daises)
(Diwali is nice too, but I don't always remember it)


Yuko Jones | northfield gate said...

I had no idea there's a pancake day! I've recently learned that we have national cheese day and national kale day (I should mark my calender because I like both of them). Holidays minus gifts sound wonderful :)

Gam Kau said...

I think Fat Tuesday is the same as Pancake Day Yuko. Kale and Cheese days sound good!

Bmore Bungalow said...

Do you exchange presents at Christmas? If not, how did you get away from this? I'd love to stop but fear it would hurt my loved ones feelings too much.

Shelley said...

Geez, I do well to keep up with birthdays, anniversary and Christmas! Oh, and Thanksgiving is a big deal in our house. New Years Eve with the neighbours... all the others pass us by!

Anonymous said...

Do you note American holidays as a holdover from living there? I like the Academy Awards and other awards shows, Pi Day (3/14) and Star Wars Day (May the 4th) - we celebrate at work! Hallowe'en is big here.

African Heritage Month (February), Asian Heritage Month (May) and Mi'qmak History Month (local First Nations - October) always have lots of activities to choose from, and are observed in schools, libraries, museums and civic events.

Of course in the library world, we have lots of awards days, and "themes" like Family Literacy Day and Freedom to Read Week.

pao said...

wow. I only remember a couple of those, usually after the fact or because it's so commercialized I can't help but notice.

Gam Kau said...

BB - when my children were small we did the full on Christmas stuff, but now I might buy them some bits and bobs, but they are mostly happy getting money. :)

Shelley - Thanksgiving is a nice holiday, I try to motivate myself to cook a turkey, but it doesn't always happen.

ExactingL - I guess from living here and there I have picked up the habit of at least acknowledging various holidays throughout the year. I certainly don't make a fuss over any of them.

Pao - that is often how I remember them as well, via commercialisation. The Halloween sweets in the shops, Christmas decorations in the windows, etc. Without visual reminders it is more challenging, I've forgotten my anniversary quite often!