Tuesday, 18 November 2014

witchery, potions and magic

Lovely Frugal Scholar posted a link to a coupon for
"two anti-aging potions".
I was really tickled by this phrase.
Witchery. Hope. Love. Magic.
Sounds like something purchased for the wife of a philandering spouse,
"apply this by the light of the full moon, slaughter a squirrel,
and your spouse will return to your arms."
While in airports I often slather my face in Creme de la Mer (free samples, who buys this stuff?) and warn my husband, so youthful will I be by flight end,
he won't even recognise me.
Potions, how often does one get to use that word?


Shelley said...

"Anti-aging" is a phrase I've come to ignore. I figure it's pure hype and nothing more. I've not seen Creme de la Mer samples in the airport - must pay closer attention. I'm sure it's devine and I'm never going to purchase any. I do the odd squirt of whatever perfume I pass. 'Beauty potion' is a phrase my best friend and I used when making nice smelling messes in their bathroom seek. Her mother sold Avon and there were always samples of creams and powders that we mixed up and slathered on. Otherwise, I guess read Harry Potter to use those terms?

Gam Kau said...

I agree Shelley, the whole anti-aging marketing scheme doesn't appeal to me though I'm certainly in the correct demographic. It seems so earnestly hopeful though, especially when phrased as a potion! Are men sold potions as well?

Stephen Andrew said...

Gam, men probably spend more in potions in a year than women have in all of time. Corvettes, Viagra, prostitutes, Rolexes. Popping a Viagra wearing a Rolex driving your corvette with a prostitute in the passenger seat gets expensive! Lol!

Gam Kau said...

Lol Stephen - too true! Ah, we are all so vulnerable, wishful thinking abounds...

frugalscholar said...

I think this was a joke for Halloween. The company debunks many anti-aging myths--including those of La Mer cream! Hope I am not too naive in my love for this product line.

I'm teaching Macbeth right now--have witches on my mind.

Gam Kau said...

FrugalS - not poking fun at you, just at the use of the word potion! I am a big fan of Paula and her research/products - she does good stuff. :)

tess said...

Ha! Macbeth and witches! I always quote the unhappy Lady Macbeth as I attempt to scrub out stains in fabric in my laundry room.

Gam Kau said...

Out out you spots! :)