Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I was admiring the packaging on this soap and
Would I enjoy the packaging so much if the soap had English words?
Do French people display soaps with English words on the packaging?
English speakers enjoy hearing English spoken with a French accent,
do French speakers admire French spoken with an English or other accent?
Do Chinese people enjoy hearing Chinese spoken with a French accent?
Does Hindu sound charming when spoken with an Italian accent?
Just wondering...


Dar @ anexactinglife said...

Fine line between what seems worldly and sophisticated, and what is just "wannabe"!

Anonymous said...

I may be biased but a French accent always sounds good to me! And an English accent rarely ... with anything lol! Perhaps it's more about the tone of a language?
Hope the soap is as good as it looks.
Happy 2015 to you and yours!

Shelley said...

I think the French have both a marvelous culture and, apparently, an excellent marketing strategy! I think it would be difficult to accurately state what all people of any country might like but in my travels it seems that most folks are flattered that you try to speak their language and they don't worry about the accent so much. I sometimes think English speakers are the exception to this - we seem to expect others to learn English so we don't have to learn anything else. (And that is nice soap!)

pao said...

Did you know a certain style of seam in sewing is called a French seam here in the U.S. and England. While the same stitch is called an English seam in France???

frugalscholar said...

It's hard to find a tee shirt in France with French words (my daughter wanted one many years ago). Most of the tee shirts have slogans in English.

Americans are suckers for English spoken with a British accent--esp in and around the academic world. Or course, Americans are mostly not attuned to the class markers that go with British accents.

Gam Kau said...

Dar - a very fine line it seems.

SilkP - happy new year to you as well! Americans love an English accent and French accent, well, probably almost any European accent.

Shelley - the French really have cornered the market on style haven't they?

Pao- that is quirky and I wonder how it came to be?

FS - Tis true, an English accent (any) is considered educated and cultured by Americans (I've read it's useful in job interviews!). English words on clothing are very popular in Asian cultures.