Monday, 27 April 2015

shoe crisis

Having spent all of March barefoot or in the
flimsiest of sandals, my feet are rebelling.
Even my tried and true Converse feel constraining.
For years, I've aimed to wear wide toe, zero drop, thin shoes 
because I fear losing the strength and mobility of my feet.
As a result, my feet are getting wider (and stronger)!
Foot health is key to good alignment and mobility.


Anonymous said...

For a long time I couldn't wear flat shoes like Converse because they had no support. Now I am fine with them; maybe my feet got stronger? I am a bit confused about what is best for feet. I know doctors have come out against Uggs because they are also flat and have no support. I wonder what foot problems can occur among healthy, mobile people with flat shoes?

Anonymous said...

Agree! Though I don't need my feet to get any wider. If we don't keep/get our feet healthy now, there's going to be trouble later on ...

Gam Kau said...

ExactingL - I used to look for "supportive" shoes as well because flat flimsy shoes made my feet hurt. But your feet hurt because they aren't used and they atrophy as a result of being confined in shoes. The best shoes are flat and thin with a wide toe box.

This is a really good simple book about foot health - Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief by Kathy Bowman

SilkP - exactly! I don't want to be hobbling around before my time. Wide feet are good!

Shelley said...

I it depends on what type foot you have. You see a lot of people who seem to walk on the inside of their feet - some almost on their ankles! These people definitely need arch support. Some of us are luckier and have a more neutral foot - running shoes talk about this all the time. With good posture and walking habits (Pilates can help) I would guess that your premise concerning 'strong feet' might work. Get it wrong, though, and you may find yourself spending £££ at the physio, like I just did...

Terri said...

I'm glad to be reading this and thanks for the book suggestion. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've seen feet, ankle and leg atrophy. Looks like people are shuffling rather than taking steps when they walk. Lots of older people do that especially those that seem to require walkers to maneuver around.

I seriously do not want that.

A while back I saw Miranda Esmonde White and became interested in her Classical Stretch videos. Apparently she has a show on PBS (in the U.S.) that leads you through exercises or stretches. These are usually of no interest to me, but her method and philosophy intrigued me. She says people get atrophy from not using all their muscles so she developed a series of stretches that use every muscle in the body. Since then I have been mindful of using as many muscles as possible with all my movements and stretching randomly as often as I think about it.

Thank you for enlightening me more about shoes. I was going that direction and go barefoot as much as I possibly can.

There is a new person commenting on Not Buying Anything (I am not promoting the blog, but I am there a lot and have been for a long time now). Anyway, the commenter has a blog called NakedFeet. He is a full time year round bare footer and lives in Germany. I'm sure there are others, that's the only one I've heard about.

Sorry for the long comment. I'm glad to know others are thinking about this.